4 Tips for Hiring a Cement Cutter in Seattle

Follow These 4 Tips for Hiring a Cement Cutter in Seattle 

concrete drilling company bellevueConcrete work is a very large part of modern construction projects. Whether commercial, residential, or part of a public works project, concrete is usually the foundation of buildings and infrastructure. After concrete is poured and hardened, cutting or drilling is often needed. But reliable services can tricky to find. If you need concrete sawing, grinding or drilling work done, consider the following 4 tips for hiring a concrete cutter in Seattle.

Experience is King

It’s often said that there’s no replacement for experience, and that could not be more true than in the concrete cutting and drilling business. From understanding load bearing and structural integrity to having a deep understanding of building codes and regulations, make sure to look for experience when hiring a contractor.  10 years is usually a comfortable minimum.

The Right Tools

When making precise cuts that preserve the integrity of a concrete slab, wall or sidewalk, use of the proper tools is vital. Gas, electric and hydraulic saws each have their place in concrete work, and the right team will have them all at their disposal. This also reduces delays, as the company you hire won’t need to arrange to borrow or rent the necessary equipment.

Full Office Support

Even simple projects can have complex compliance requirements. From lien releases to insurance certificates for commercial work to fair wage standards reporting for public works projects, there are many facets of concrete work to take care of behind the scenes. Protect yourself and minimize confusion and frustration by hiring a company that delivers not only great concrete cutting, but also the required documentation and reporting.

Customer Service Commitment

No matter how talented a concrete sawing team is, if they aren’t able to comfortably work with you, that part of your project can be a real headache. Whether a small residential job that takes a day, or a large commercial project spanning several weeks, the right company will be as dedicated to your project as you are. Your project is important to you, and your concrete sawing company should have the same mind set.

Need an Expert Seattle-Area Cement Cutter?

The pros at Cut-All Concrete Sawing & Drilling bring more than three decades of experience to every worksite. Dedicated to accuracy and safety, the team is dedicated to the needs and timelines of each project, even when going beyond the typical 9 to 5 workday. Locally owned and operated, contact Cut-All to learn more about concrete demolition, removal, renovation and construction services.

4 Tips for Hiring a Cement Cutter in Seattle

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